TousiAttar Three Diamond Rings – Solid 14k or 18k Rose Gold Hammered band Jewelry for Women – Free Personalized and Engraved Name and Initial or Message Price: $429.00 (as of 22/07/2019 10:23 PST- Details)

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Tousi Jewelers Three Diamond Rings; An Elegant and Stunning Three Diamond Rings for Women. This 3 Stone Diamond Ring Rose Gold Would Make a Beautiful and Modern Anniversary Rings, Or a Wonderful Birthday or Anniversary Gift. Or Simply a Special Treat for Yourself!

There’s Just Something Specific About Gold;Gold Won’t Tarnish, Rust, or Corrode, and Though It’s Very Strong, is the Most Malleable and Ductile of all Metals Gold was one of the first Known Metals. Its Beauty Versatile and Useful Physical Characteristics, and Scarcity Help Continue to Make it a Very Valuable Commodity.

14K Gold or 585 Gold, It Is Same! 14k It Is the Popular Karat Symbol in the U.S. But 585It Is the European Symbol Standard. It means That the Item Is Gold and That the Purity of the Gold has 14 Part Out of 24 Pure Old or About 58.5% Pure Gold.

Jewelry Gift;Ideal Gift for Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Graduation, Girlfriends and Every Precious Person and Occasion.