Mother’s Day Bird Nest Custom Family Birthstone Necklace Personalized Mom Jewelry Mothers Necklace Price: $39.99 (as of 31/08/2020 02:29 PST- Details)

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Family Birthstone Pendant. Mother’s Necklace. Personalized Family Bird Nest. Motherhood jewelry. Mother’s Day Gift for Mom. Push Present. Custom bird nest pendant featuring your choice of birthstones wrapped in non tarnish sterling silver plated wire. Mom and Grandma will cherish this. Listing is for ONE custom pendant only.

Pick 1 – 4 birthstone colors and I’ll make a personalized pendant just for you! Perfect gift for a Mother, Mother-to-Be (push present!) Grandmother, or anyone who wants to celebrate family. Make one with your sibling’s birthstones, or for your closest friends. Or just tell me your favorite colors! There are many reasons you might want a personalized nest and here’s your chance to get it made special for you.

A bird’s nest has a lot of symbolic meaning including protection of the young and nurturing new generation and life. A nest is a home and a shelter and a Mama bird dedicates herself to the protection of her precious eggs. This process is celebrated in this piece.

Sterling silver plated wire (over copper core) that is treated to prevent tarnishing is woven to form the nest shape and glass pearls in your choice of color(s) are nestled safely within.

The total length of the bail and pendant is around 1.25″ (See reference photos to US Quarter.) Chain is 18″

As glass pearls are completely man-man, they are 100% vegetarian/vegan friendly and a great alternative for those who prefer cruelty-free jewelry options.