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// Thick and chunky silver ring a braided copper inlay.
// Cool ring to be worn every day by men and women alike. Also great as a wedding band or engagement ring. Gorgeous and unique gift for your 7th wedding anniversary.
// This ring makes sure you can enjoy the beauty of copper while not having to worry about stained fingers. A solid sterling silver liner on the inside of the ring band will protect your fingers of copper stains.

> fully hand forged silver ring with a braided inlay made from copper. Just like in an eternity ring the braiding goes all around the ring band.
> total thickness of about 2.5mm – thick, sturdy and with a nice weight to it
> these rings will usually be about 6.0mm wide
> made to order in your ring size
> You can personalize this ring by adding an inside engraving

// The ring band is forged from a solid sterling silver ring band, protecting your fingers and giving the ring a lot of sturdiness. Inside rounded edges for comfortable wear. The whole ring band has a subtle matte finish.

// The copper inlay is also hand braided by me. Please expect slight deviations from the pictures – no two rings will ever be alike. There is a slim solder spot in the copper braiding, but I try and create it without breaks in the pattern.

>> If you would like this ring in a different width please message me.

Please note: Copper will oxidize over time naturally. Each persons skin will react differently with copper to give the ring a unique patina over time. As these rings are not cast but formed from a sheet of metal there is a solder joint as a fine line.