Barasol Reverse Folding Umbrella Travel Windproof Compact Umbrella Waterproof Double Canopy Vented Layer Inverted Close Golf Umbrella Lightweight for Man Women, Automatic Auto/Manually Open

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1. AUTOMATICALLY OPEN , INVERTED FOLDING COLSE : J Handle designed to be automatic, Inside out reverse folding umbrella gives you rain and sun protection, quickly to get into your car or bus. Heavy duty design is an ideal companion for office lady, the business professional or for daily life
2. WINDPROOF DOUBLE LAYER UMBRELLA, SAFETY PACKING COVERS: Compared to most of the single fabric umbrellas, breathable double deck tarpaulin effectively avoids dripping penetration, to protects you against the winds and sun whether it’s stormy or sunny. Don’t worry to making the seat , the floor or others wet when you near close to them.
3. DURABLE MATERIALS ,WATERPROOF FAST DRY : Unlike an umbrella seller made from inexpensive polyester instead of high quality waterproof sponge fabric, barasol umbrella are crafted with superior pongee fabric which increases durability and strength. It has a rubberized ergonomic design handle and an electroplated steel shaft made of fiberglass and aircraft grade aluminum materials. This is the only umbrella you will ever need.

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Double Layer Reverse Folding Close umbrella Best for Traveler and Car User
Have you ever encountered such problems in rainy days?
1. For mothers, how to hold an umbrella when having baby in arms?
2. For passengers, how to avoid making others clothes wet when you jump on a crowded bus or subway?
3. For drivers, how to avoid the umbrella getting your car seat wet when you get in?
4. For business man, how to make a phone call when you lift a briefcase or put it stand up in the corner instead drop down on the floor?
5. For phone users, how to happily play with it when hold an umbrella and a bag at the same time?

Innovative Design Help You Solve These Problems :
Two style: Manually Open (C-shaped Hand Grip); Auto Open(J-shaped Hand Grip).
Holding an umbrella with your wrist, set your hands free to make a phone call, to play with your phone games, to hold a baby.
Dual Layer:Successfully preventing car seat from getting wet, avoiding making others clothes wet when stand close on the bus or subway.
Vented Cover:The inner layer holes to reduce the impact of wind, rain,to withstand heavy downpours and powerful gusts of wind. Otherside, Lace material highlighted fashion elements.
Stand up on its own:Easy to place, it can stand up by you on its own when closed, saving much space for you.
Water Resistant:The canopy is made from premium micro-weave 210T thread-count fabric,waterproof. That is coated with teflon water repellant treatment.
WindProof: The frame is fortified with 24 ribs that is made of premium fiberglass and high quality stainless steel.

Package Slip:
Barasol Umbrella * 1,
Umbrella Cover * 1,
Package Box *1,

Going to buy more and give them as gifts:
It is lightweight, protable to carry and very sturdy. You can use this stick of the umbrella as the walking stick, cane! It’s the perfect urban companion.

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