16 Illusions Hoop Earrings Gold Hammered 1mm – Sleeper Hoops, Small Hoop Earrings, Everyday Earrings, 15mm Hoops, 17mm Hoops, 12mm Hoops by MysticMoons

August 3, 2017

13.95 USD

Design: Illusion Hoops

Material: 14k Gold Filled Hammered 1mm thick

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Mystic Moon Shop Exclusive!! Our newest design is GREAT for people who want a thicker look but don't want to stretch their piercings! Illusion hoops are thick gauge hoops with thinner gauged posts. If you wear a 14 gauge you don't have to stretch to go to a thicker gauge! Keep your 14 gauge piercing and wear a 10 gauge hoop! Maybe you have a standard gun piercing and want a 14 gauge hoop! You are no longer limited by your gauge size!

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